Ramy's Spring Break Packing Tips

How to Pack for Spring Break

With travel plans gearing up again right in time for Spring Break, you may find yourself a little rusty when it comes to packing. Luckily, Ramy is a travel pro — and she has a fail-safe system for planning out her outfits that is guaranteed to make packing a seamless experience.

Dust off your luggage and get your passports ready with Ramy's Spring Break Packing Tips below!

Pick out your suitcase

"We bring all of our luggage up to see what we're working with before we start packing. Picking out a suitcase beforehand will give you a feel for how much room you have before committing to outfits.

Pssst - most of our luggage is from TJ Maxx: my fave for suitcases!"

The Sharp's colorful luggage collection.

Separate your outfits by day and night

"Next, I set up a rack to plan out my outfits separated by day and night. I go by the days I'm there and if we have any specific plans (ie: boat day, beach clubs, nice dinners, etc.) It just makes me feel more organized and I can see what my full day will look like.

I also like to make a separate area for day-to-night options or extras - like our Silvy Dress. This is the perfect, easy throw on that can take you anywhere, anytime!"


Day or Night


Planning ahead with shoes and accessories

"I hang every outfit together - the tops, bottoms and all accessories (mask chains, belts, headpieces, jewelry, and bags!) This way, I know that's the full look I'm going for and I don't have to think about putting it together while I'm there."

Shop the full look:

Additional packing must-haves

I ALWAYS bring jeans, jean shorts and a pair of wide leg pants. I also like to throw in some extra easy tops and dresses (like our Henri Longsleeve Blouse, Paris Sleeveless Dress) because I just don't know what type of mood I'll be in. They're the perfect go-to's for vacation and don't take up room in my suitcase.

Ramy goes through the rack for some last minute adjustments.

Must-have items to bring in your carry on

"I like to carry a portable phone charger, gum, chapstick, a scarf for the plane, and extra masks/sanitizer in my carry on. Oh - and can't forget a Diet Coke at the airport!"

Safe travels! xoxo, Ramy

Baxter, the ultimate packing buddy.

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