The Best Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

What type of bathing suit is best for your body?

Swimsuit season is almost here! (Scary, we know.) If you're currently prepping your quarantine bod and are on the hunt for that perfect swimsuit, look no further. Every body is different, so we're here to help you look and feel your best by selecting the most flattering Ramy Brook swimsuit for your shape. See below!

Hourglass Body Type

What is an Hourglass Body type?

The hourglass figure looks exactly like it sounds - curvy! Usually ladies with this shape are fuller in their bust and hips and have a narrow waistline. If this shape sounds like your figure, these suits are perfect for you.

Triangle Bikini Top

This classic cut perfectly accentuates the bust and shoulders while offering some top support.

Low-Rise Bikini Bottoms

Women with hourglass figures tend to have a narrow waistline, so it's great to show off the midriff in some flattering, low-rise bottoms!

Triangle Body Type

What is a Triangle body type?

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you probably have a triangle shape! Most ladies who identify themselves with this shape usually have a smaller bust and defined shoulders.

Bandeau Top

Bandeau tops tend to work best for women with smaller busts because they accentuate the shoulders. Plus, you don't need to worry about needing the extra strap support!

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms give your backside some love and elongate your figure to create a more symmetrical shape.

V-Neck One Pieces

Take advantage of being a member of the IBTC (if you know, you know). With a smaller bust, you can rock fashionable, low-cut styles without the fear of being exposed.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

What is an Inverted Triangle body type?

In contrast to the triangle shape, the inverted triangle is defined by shoulders that are generally wider than the hips. Ladies with this shape tend to have larger busts and broader shoulders.

Supportive Tops

Since most women with this shape have larger chests, it's important to have full support. A simple sweetheart cut creates a nice line that is flattering to the eye.

High-Cut Bottoms

Play up your waist and choose high-cut bottoms that accentuate your hips to create flattering lines.

Rectangle Body Type

What is an Rectangle body type?

If you don't consider yourself to be "curvy" you most likely have a rectangle shape. Women with this shape tend to have a more athletic build, straighter torso and a smaller bust.

High-Cut Bottoms

High-cut bottoms accentuate the waistline to create sexy lines and give the appearance of curves.

Pushup Tops

Enhance the appearance of your chest with a sweetheart neckline with added padding.

Apple Body Type

What is an Apple body type?

This body shape is typically round with well-balanced proportions. Women with an apple shape usually have a larger bust and hips with a less-defined waistline.

Tummy Slimming Bottoms

Similar to the rectangle shape, apple body types look fantastic in high-waisted bottoms that accentuate and flatter the waistline.

V-Neck One Pieces

V-neck one pieces are fabulous when you want to create a more proportional appearance. Plus, a full suit offers more coverage on your backside.

Shirring details at the waist create visual interest that defines and plays up your waistline.

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