Ramy's Summer Celebration Flash Sale Exclusions

*The Summer Celebration Flash Sale offers our customers 25% off sitewide for a limited time with select style exclusions as noted below: 

Abigail Cowl Neck Tank Top, Alessandra Halter Mini Dress, Alex V-Neck Maxi Dress, Alexis Dress, Alexis Wrap Mini Dress, Ali Short Sleeve Midi Dress, Allyn Pant, Allyn Paperbag Waist Pant, Amy Coverup Maxi Dress, Anabelle Cutout Maxi Dress, Anabelle Dress, Angela High-Rise Flare Jean, Angela One Piece, Angela Plunge One Piece Swimsuit, Angelica, Angelica Halter Tank Top, Annka Halter One Piece Swimsuit, Annka One Piece, Ashton Ruched Mini Dress, Athena Dress, Athena One-Shoulder Maxi Dress, Audrey Dress, Audrey Smocked Midi Dress, Ava Wide Leg Pant, Benson High Waisted Short, Benson Mini Short, Benson Short, Bethany Puff Sleeve Blouse, Beverly Crochet Cardigan, Brock One-Shoulder Maxi Dress, Calista Coverup Maxi Dress, Camden Ruffle Maxi Dress, Camila Tiered Midi Dress, Carey Halter Maxi Dress, Caribbean Rain 2-Wick Candle, Cassandra, Cassandra Wrap Blouse, Cassie Crochet Coverup Dress, Cecelia Coverup Mini Dress, Cecelia Dress, Cheri Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Cheryl One Shoulder Crop Top, Christy Boyfriend Short, Christy Low-Rise Jean Short, Christy Low-Rise Short, Cindy High-Rise Flare Jean, Cleo Dress, Colorblock Gigi Strapless One Piece Swimsuit, Colorblock Lalia Triangle Bikini Top, Colorblock Lesia String Bikini Bottom, Colorblocked Lesia Bikini Bottom, Daisy Jumpsuit, Daisy V-Neck Jumpsuit, Darina Dress, Darina High-Neck Mini Dress, Darren Bikini Top, Darren One-Shoulder Bikini Top, Delphine Crochet Coverup Mini Dress, Demi Dress, Dolly Dress, Dolly One-Shoulder Mini Dress, Dorothy Cowl Neck Top, Dove Bikini Bottom, Dove Low Rise Bikini Bottom, Drew Mid-Rise Shorts, Drew Mini Short, Embellished Tee, Eucalyptus Bamboo Spa Candle, Exclusive Alessandra Dress, Exclusive Sequin Linda, Ezra Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Fleurs De Luxe 2-Wick Candle, Flora Puff Sleeve Top, Floral Printed Dolce Sleeveless Mini Dress, Floral Printed Luna Halter Midi Dress, Floral Printed Ollie Crop Top, Floral Printed Randi Puff Sleeve Top, Florence Bandeau Bikini Top, Florence Bikini Top, Florence Dress, Florence V-Neck Maxi Dress, Flower Garden Oasis 2-Wick Candle, Franki Strapless Mini, Franki Strapless Mini Dress, Fresh Linen 2-Wick Candle, Gabby High Neck Mini Dress, Gabby High Neck Tank Top, Gabriela One Shoulder Jumpsuit, Gemma Dress, Gemma Slit Maxi Dress, Gift Card, Gina Skirt, Harriet Halter Tank Top, Helena Denim Jumpsuit, Helena Flare Jumpsuit, Helena High-Rise Flare Jean, Helena High-Rise Skinny Jean, Helena High-Waisted Short, Henley Dress, Hepburn Dress, Hilary Romper, Hope Bikini Bottom, Hope Strappy Bikini Bottom, Irene Cutout Maxi Dress, Isla Low Rise Bikini Bottom, Isla Puff Sleeve Blouse, Isla Top, Ivo Ruched Bikini Bottom, Izabelle Plunge Romper, Jess Coverup Midi Dress, Jilly V-Neck Tank Top, Jo Dress, Jo Strapless Mini Dress, Jocelyn One-Shoulder Top, Joss Wide Leg Pant, Julie Dress, Julie Strapless Midi Dress, Jupiter Halter Maxi Dress, Kat High Neck Midi Dress, Katana Coverup Mini Dress, Kate Dress, Kayla Button Up Bodysuit, Keke Halter One Piece Swimsuit, Kellie Chain Belt, Khloe Cutout Midi Dress, Kiki Cowl Neck Mini Dress, Knit Athena Palazzo Pant, Knit Cece One-Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit, Knit Gigi Strapless One Piece Swimsuit, Knit Jessica One Piece, Knit Marina Dress, Knit Rocky Bikini Top, KOLBY, Kolby Button Up Blouse, Kory Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top, Kourtney, Kourtney Off-The-Shoulder Sweater Dress, Kourtney One Shoulder Sweater, Lalia Triangle Bikini Top, Laurie High Waisted Short, Laurie Short, Leah One Shoulder Mini Dress, Lesia String Bikini Bottom, Lexi Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit, Lily Denim Mini Dress, Lilyanne Cropped Tank Top, Lizzie Coverup Mini Dress, Lola Dress, Lola Ruffle Mini Dress, Lori High Neck Tank Top, Lulu Jumpsuit, Lulu One Shoulder Jumpsuit, Marc Halter Midi Dress, Marcie Coverup Mini Dress, Margo Wide Leg Pant, Marie Cowl Neck Maxi Dress, Marie Dress, Marina Puff Sleeve Top, Maring Coverup Mini Dress, Marta One Piece, Marta Plunge One Piece Swimsuit, Marta Strapless One Piece Swimsuit, Maverick Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit, Max Coverup Mini Skirt, Max Skirt, Maya Bikini Bottom, Maya Side Tie Bikini Bottom, Mayrice Strapless Mini Dress, Meg Coverup Mini Dress, Miley Plunge Midi Dress, Miranda Dress, Murphy, Murphy Off-The-Shoulder Top, Natalia Coverup Midi Skirt, Neena Plunge Midi Dress, Nickola Coverup Top, Nikita Dress, Nobi Smocked Mini Skirt, Norene Dress, Norene Halter Maxi Dress, Norma Cargo Pant, Norma Pant, Olivia, Olivia Strapless Crop Top, Palm Printed Isla Low Rise Bikini Bottom, Palm Printed Lesia Bikini Bottom, Paris Dress, Paris Sleeveless Mini Dress, Paris Slvls Dress, Paris Smocked Mini Dress, Penny Bell Sleeve Mini Dress, Piper Top, Piper V-Neck Tank Top, Pluto Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Printed Chelsea Coverup Maxi Dress, Printed Chelsea Dress, Printed Chelsea High-Low Maxi Dress, Printed Eliana One-Shoulder Maxi Dress, Printed Faye Bandeau Bikini Top, Printed Hayden High-Neck Midi Dress, Printed Hazel Tiered Mini Dress, Printed Keke Halter One Piece Swimsuit, Printed Luna Dress, Printed Luna Halter Midi Dress, Printed Nia Skirt, Printed Quentin Wrap Top, Printed Randi Puff Sleeve Top, Printed Raven Coverup Mini Dress, Printed Rocky One-Shoulder Bikini Top, Printed Tanya Coverup Romper, Printed Tanya Romper, Printed Tulum Cutout Maxi Dress, Printed Wilson Tiered Mini Dress, Raina V-Neck Mini Dress, Randi Puff Sleeve Top, Rebecca Short Sleeve Maxi Dress, Reeta Dress, Reeta Ruched Mini Dress, Rich Rose & Currant 2-Wick Candle, Richie Dress, Richie Sequin Mini Dress, Ridge Bikini Top, Ridge Strappy Bikini Top, Riley Bikini Top, Riley One-Shoulder Bikini Top, Rita Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top, Roberta Dress, Roman Dress, Roman One-Shoulder Maxi Dress, Rope Trim Aly Halter Mini Dress, Rope Trim Jasmine Halter Tank Top, Rori Dress, Rori Smocked Mini Dress, Rose One-Shoulder Top, Rowan Coverup Maxi Dress, Roxanne One-Shoulder Mini Dress, Sabrina Strapless Coverup Mini Dress, Santal Gorgeous 2-Wick Candle, Sarabeth Ruched Mini Dress, Satin Pocket Allyn Pant, Satin Pocket Allyn Paper Bag Waist Pant, Selena Cutout Maxi Dress, Sequin Linda One-Shoulder Mini Dress, Shauna Strappy One Piece Swimsuit, Shelly Puff Sleeve Sweater, Shiny Audrey Smocked Midi Dress, Shiny Paris Sleeveless Mini Dress, Signature Eau de Parfum - 50ML, Signature Eau de Parfum Rollerball, Solid Darinda Dress, Solid Darinda Ruched Mini Dress, Sonny Halter Maxi Dress, Sonny Plunge One Piece Swimsuit, Sophia Dress, Soren V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit, Sparkling Orange 2-Wick Candle, Starla Bikini Top, Starla Triangle Bikini Top, Stella Dress, Stephy Strapless Midi Dress, Stevie Smocked Mini Skirt, Susie Dress, Susie One-Shoulder Mini Dress, Sweet Juicy Nectar 2-Wick Candle, Tatiana Tiered Mini Dress, Tech Bethany, Tech Gabby, Tenley One-Shoulder Tank Top, Teri Tiered Mini Dress, Textured Athena Palazzo Pant, The Hope Tee, Tie Dye Printed Dolce Sleeveless Mini Dress, Tilda Short Sleeve Mini Dress, Tilly Sleeveless Mini Dress, Tina Button Down Blouse, Topanga Bikini Top, Topanga Triangle Bikini Top, Tracey Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit, Tropical Berry Blast 2-Wick Candle, Vanilla Lemon Twist 2-Wick Candle, Venice Bandeau Bikini Top, Verona Halter One Piece Swimsuit, Verona One Piece, Vilma Coverup Mini Dress, Willow Dress, Willow One-Shoulder Midi Dress, Yolanda Smocked Top, Zendaya Slit Maxi Dress