A Love Letter To My Wife, Ramy.

Ramy, my darling.

 As I’ve told you many times, and I will never stop saying, I have loved you since the first day I met you.  The summer of 1993 in the Hamptons, I saw you across the pool with your friends, so beautiful and full of life.   And I could tell even from a distance you were out of control funny!  You were smiling, and laughing, and shining, I swear like an angel.  I wanted to go over to you so bad, but I didn’t.  I remember regretting it when I left, why didn’t I just say something to that fabulous girl.  Then that same evening it was unbelievable.  Outside in a crowd at a local bar, you were there right by my side.  And we never left each other.  And I held your hand all night.  Maybe I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t go away.  We laughed and partied, like a couple right away.  It was so natural, like I found my soul mate.

I drove you home that night and walked you to your door.  I couldn’t help myself, and asked if I could come in.  And with a sparkling smile you said no, but you kissed me softly on the cheek and said I should call you when we were back in the city that week.  And against all odds it turned out we worked in buildings literally next door to each other! 

To this day we say it was divine intervention, that our grandparents were looking over us, making sure we were together.

Our first official date was hilarious.   I took you to a nice steak house near our offices, trying a bit to impress you.  But when we walked in everyone knew you - and when they sat us at our table, on the wall next to it was a gold plaque with your name on it!  Prominently displayed alongside plaques of celebrities and big businesspeople.  Because they thought this young girl who came in occasionally to join client lunches was so fabulous and funny she deserved a plaque among the titans of New York.  Man that was humbling!  And awesome.  Of course when my friends heard they went there and stole your plaque as a gag then lost it.  Unfortunately men (including me) can be a little immature :) But I love telling that story of our first date to our children.  It’s just so perfect.  

For our second date a few days later you got the flu so bad you had to call it off.  But I told you I’d come and stay with you all day, and that’s what we did.  I remember going to the deli first and getting you chicken soup, bagels, and so much more it was crazy.  But I grew up in a house full of guys with a mother who could really cook and we ate like animals, so this was a way I knew to show my love and to care for you.  I went to your apartment that first time with three big bags of food.  And I looked in your refrigerator and you only had diet coke, ketchup and a few yogurts frozen into the freezer!  I couldn’t believe there was no food at all.  But you didn’t have any money and said you and your friends would go to happy hours for food, or get a slice, salad or sandwich on the go.  I put a huge tray on your lap in bed and despite being sick you ate so big.  And we watched soap operas all day.  And laughed and laughed.  I remember leaving that day saying to myself I am in love with this girl.  She’s the one.

From that day on we never left each other’s side.  Ever.  We had so much fun.  And we ate so much, all day, late night, I remember after two months you couldn’t button your jeans!  You still looked so awesome, god you were beautiful.  And we never fought, it was so easy with you.  So easy.  The joy flowed easy, the love flowed easy.  It was natural and meant to be.

After only six months of dating I told you we were definitely going to get married.  I just needed to save money to buy you a ring and have a wedding.  I worked so hard to save that money, I wanted to marry you so bad.

We’ve been married for 25 years.  And I am the luckiest man alive.  You wake up smiling. You have unimaginable joy in you, and love for your family.  You live for our children.  Their happiness, and safety.  They’re raised by a mother who showers them with unconditional love.  Every day they feel loved, safe and confident.  And you set an incredible example for them.  To be kind, to be positive, to have a light heart, to be passionate, to love, and to be strong.  They’ve also seen how hard you’ve worked.  The effort, determination and passion it takes every day has been special for them to see.  While always prioritizing them, and our family.

Ramy my darling, I want to thank you for everything you do every day for our family.  Since our first child was born you have kept our family together.  And active, positive, and happy.  Second only to our children, and the way you have raised them, the love, affection and respect you shower on me every day, in front of our children, is the greatest gift of my life.  Deserved or not.  And it is a gift to our children.  While natural to you, you have no idea how powerful the light is you shine.  And while you’re so beautiful, you’re more beautiful inside, which is all that matters.  My heart bursts with love for you.

I have flashes of visions of the stages of our lives. You so young and innocent, beautiful and alive. Of our wedding when you came down the aisle. Of you holding me with my brother saying goodbye. Of you cradling our newborn children just after giving birth. Watching our children grow up. I think of you telling me you will always be my little girl. And you will never leave my side. I see ahead to when I am old and frail, and I know that all I will dream of is holding you and our children in my arms.

As I’ve said often, and will never stop saying, I have loved you since the first day I met you.  And I will love you forever. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!   

Love, Rob