Staying Healthy in 2019 with Rique Uresti

We’ve all been there: setting resolutions at the beginning of January, only to find ourselves struggling to stick to them. However, we are determined to be happy, healthy, and strong in 2019 and there’s no time like the present!

To get some inspiration, we caught up with Rique Uresti: a master instructor at SoulCycle and an avid leader in the NYC fitness community. Check out our interview with Rique below to learn how he aims to be his best self all year-round.

How did you get your start in the fitness world?

"I came to NYC in the early 90’s (am I aging myself haha?) and like a lot of other hopeful young people, I was dancing and hopping between bar jobs. One day, I found myself in a step class and I fell in love because of the people I took it with. It was about twenty of us and we looked forward to seeing each other every week. It was comfortable, fun and all-in-all a great time as we got to know one another. We had an unpredictable instructor and as the months passed, I started leading the classes. The club ultimately offered me a job and the rest is history, as you may say."

Life mantra?

"You can’t fail at wanting to be better; oftentimes, our strict ideals and fears prove to be our biggest hurdles. Do everything with passion and love. Sometimes the work it takes to reach a goal may feel like a chore, but keep your intent clear and listen to your heart."

How did you decide to make wellness your career?

"I can confidently say this career chose me. Wellness to me is happiness. Taking care of yourself provides great mental stability for everyday living. Again, ideals play a huge roll here. Unrealistic ideals can lead to judgement, not only of others, but of ourselves. Life is precious and unique to each individual. Everyone’s path is different."

What do you love most about SoulCycle?

"The people and the music and the and the fact that everyone always brings their best effort."

How has SoulCycle been able to produce such strong loyalty amongst their riders?

Consistency in community, product, personal growth and attention, and unique, powerful moments each time you clip in.

What are winter-friendly fitness tips to keep the calories burning while we’re on the go?

"Climb the stairs. A staircase is easy enough to find and generally available. I do the stairs in my building, 38 floors to be exact. It is not only exhilarating exercise, it also serves as a great tool for meditation. Also, practice selfless acts- whether it is physical acts of kindness or generous gifting to charities. Goodness feeds all and will help keep you grounded and warm."

Can you take us through a typical day of meals and tell us any tricks to satisfy winter cravings without overindulging?

"I hate deprivation, so I am a big believer in moderation. As a norm, I don’t drink or eat sugar, but the main idea here is balance. I can eat clean but if I am not also exercising, it’s for nothing really. When I can, I will either eat a protein or a carb, with a large serving of veggies."

Favorite cheat day meals?

"I love all food so I am polygastronomous. Cheating doesn’t exist."

Be sure to catch Rique lead SoulCycle classes in TriBeca, West Village, and the Upper East Side!