Packing Guide: Winter Getaway

Packing Guide: Winter Getaway

Traveling to a warm destination this winter? We’ve got your covered - literally!

Our versatile coverups are so cute and easily packable, they will have you noticed from an ocean away. If you’re lucky enough to jet off to a sandy oasis this season, check out our packing guide below.

Airport Style  

When dressing for the airport, it’s important to keep it cute and comfortable. Try our Dakota Sweater and classic Allyn Pant - the monochromatic look is so chic while still remaining comfortable for travel. 

Travel Tip: Wear layers - the temperature on airplanes can be unpredictable. 

Happy Hour by the Pool  

After a long day of traveling, a little happy hour by the pool is the perfect way to kick off your vacation. Our Printed Riviera Skirt and matching Nicola Top create an effortless outfit that works for any scene. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sandals and sunglasses to accessorize.

Travel Tip: When checking into a hotel, your room may not be ready at the time of your arrival. Make sure to pack this outfit at the top of your bag so it’s easy to grab before heading down to the pool!


Beach Day 

If you’re planning on hitting the beach for the entire day, the Costa Coverup is your go-to. It shows just enough skin to ensure you soak up some Vitamin-D, plus the turquoise hue pairs perfectly with the ocean. Beach babe alert!

Travel Tip: Always carry a hat and sunscreen with you in a variety of SPFs - the sun is stronger than you think! 

Exploring Town

Whether you leave the beach to shop, walk around, or grab lunch, these coverups are the perfect get-ups to explore town. Effortless yet completely show-stopping, the bright Printed Marcie Dress will have heads turning.  Pack a cute beach bag, funky jewels, and a straw hat to top off each outfit!

Travel Tip: Save an all-white look for the last day to bring out your tan.

Oceanside Dinner 

The Isadora Dress is your ultimate beach-to-dinner outfit. It’s delicate embroidery elevates this easy-going silhouette, while the blue fabric brings out your sun-kissed glow. Wear this dress with sexy wedges and gold hoops to radiate a night-time vibe.

Travel Tip: Pack anti-humidity hair-spray for dinners by the ocean. The humidity does not care if you did your hair!


Whether you’re just traveling down the coast or jetting across the globe, Ramy Brook’s coverups will take care of all your dressing needs. Paired with our packing tips and a passport, you’re good to go. Safe travels!! Xo


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