Ramy Brook x Crazy Strong Candles

It's no secret that we are fragrance fanatics — we love candles because they give us more of the fragrances that make us happy! Scent can positively affect our mood by making us more relaxed, calm, focused, excited, passionate or simply feel like having fun.

To kick off the Holiday season, we partnered with Crazy Strong Candles (a Ramy Brook company) to match each scent to your dynamic style. Whether you're looking to add some relaxation to your work space or enhance the energy at your next intimate party, there is a scent for everyone — and an outfit to go with it!

1. Vanilla Lemon Twist

Warm and cozy with a hint of something special.

2. Rich Rose & Currant

Romantic, juicy and sparkly.

3. Sparkling Orange

Sparkling citrus with zesty flair.

4. Pink Pomegranate

Transport yourself to summertime with this sweet and fruity scent.

5. Fresh Linen

Classic and clean will never go out of style.

6. Guavaberry

Tart and lush with a hint of tropical flair.

7. Caribbean Rain

Reset and refresh with the cooling scent of tropical rain.

8. Agave Flower Garden

A fresh, green oasis that feels instantly zen.