Introducing: The Ultimate Denim

When I started Ramy Brook, I was desperately searching for sexy tops that I could wear with all of my favorite jeans. I couldn't find what I was looking for at a contemporary price point, so I created them. Fast forward, I found myself searching for the perfect jeans to wear with all of my tops, and most importantly, jeans that made my body look its absolute best. So, I decided to make the jeans that fit your body perfect — the most flattering and comfortable, with the right amount of stretch.

In addition to our best known styles, I'm so thrilled to introduce a new member of the Ramy Brook family: DENIM!

The new styles range from high-rise flares to low-rise skinnys, and come in multiple prints and washes. Our design team spent months developing fabulous silhouettes that fit the body perfectly.

The fit is very flattering without giving up comfort, which sometimes we sacrifice for the look. The jeans have the perfect amount of stretch without feeling like you bought the wrong size after wearing them for hours.

The new silhouettes are inspired by the styles of the 70s and the supermodel glam era of the 90s. They are the ultimate party pant!

I'll be releasing 8 styles this season and I hope you try them all! DM me (@ramybrook) or email us with your feedback. I know you're going to love them as much as I do.



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