A Family Affair: The Summer '20 Shoot

In light of the coronavirus, I had to find a new way to showcase our Summer collection while following CDC guidelines. I had to pivot towards a new solution — when the world changed, I had to adapt.

To ensure there were no health risks, we decided it was best to shoot the Summer Collection in the Hamptons. My family really stepped up to help fill the voids of our usual production crew: my daughter Stevie and I modeled the clothes, my son Dylan shot the video, and my husband Rob helped out with set design and craft services (he's the best cook!)

It was all hands on deck and I am so grateful for my amazing family and their constant support.

As the videographer, my son Dylan (@dylansharpcomedy) captured the entire day on video. See below for a look behind the scenes of our Summer '20 shoot amidst a pandemic.

Video by Dylan Sharp Comedy. Follow Dylan on Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube!

The family affair started the night before the shoot. Stevie (our appointed hair and makeup artist) did my hair the night before so she could have time to do her own in the morning. She also did both of our makeup. Needless to say, she had a lot of work to do!

Throughout the day, Stevie and I each wore around 10-15 outfits. Each look was actually shot on an iPhone!

The Summer Collection is one of my favorites — it's easy, effortless, and filled with color. There really is a style for everyone, from teens to adults. Stevie is always borrowing my clothes anyway, so having her work all day for me was a little extra payback :)

I am so lucky to have such an amazing family who came together to help out Ramy Brook. I hope you love the collection as much as my daughter and I do!

xoxo, Ramy

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