Ramy's Tips for At-Home Celebrations

With everything going on in the world, it's important to stay positive and celebrate life's special moments at home. Whether that means setting the table with beautiful flowers for a birthday or turning the backyard into a graduation ceremony, it's important for our happiness to take these moments and make them extra special.

This summer, Ramy is taking advantage of being at home with her family by putting together fabulous themed dinners and distant happy hours with her closet friends.

Lucky for us, Ramy is sharing her expertise on how to throw a special celebration at home — because we all need a reason to celebrate these days!

Text your bubble

Text your family and friends to find a time to meet outside — even if your kids are right upstairs! It gives everyone something to look forward to.

Pick out fresh flowers

Flowers make any table feel festive and happy. I like to find colorful stems and make fresh bouquets that go with the color scheme.

Choose your theme

This is the fun part! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, holiday, or family milestone, decorations make everything special.

Once I have an idea of the theme and color scheme, I love to hit up the TJ Maxx and K-Mart in Bridgehampton for fun outdoor table runners, colorful plates and candles. Party City and Amazon have everything, too!

For my son Dylan's graduation, I ordered custom banners, lawn letters and a great custom collage from collage.com. These special additions can take any at-home celebration to the next level. It also creates memorable photo-opps that you'll have forever!

Find your perfect outfit

Since it's the summertime, I love to wear bright and happy colors. I'm loving our Printed Simone Dress with the matching mask. It feels good to dress up, even if you're just at home!

Plan the menu

This is usually Rob's job — he's the best cook in the family! We like to have a variety of different options so everyone can find something they love.

If you're just planning to have friends over for drinks, it's important to stock up on the essentials: wine and tequila! We set up a great at-home bar (pictured below.) We also got cute to-go tumblers for socially-distant driveway gatherings that say: "Driveway Drinkers".

Whether you're just hanging with the family or having a few friends over for drinks, make every moment special!

xoxo, Ramy

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