Ramy's Top 5 Party Guest Tips

Summertime is the ultimate season for throwing parties. From backyard soirrees under the stars to private cocktail parties in luxurious restaurants, warm weather and relaxed schedules call for endless celebrations from coast to coast. As a well-seasoned hostess and ultra-fun party-goer, Ramy is the ultimate expert on being the best party guest at any event. RSVP "yes" to all of those invitations with Ramy's foolproof tips below.

1) Don't arrive TOO fashionably late

You don't want to be the first one to arrive, but you also don't want to be the last!

2) Always arrive with a hostess gift

It's important to always show up to a party with a gift in your hand - whether that's a bottle of wine, flowers, or a fabulous hostess gift. I love to give Crazy Strong candles!

3) Dress to impress!

It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. If the party has a theme, make sure to go all out - it will make the hostess feel great and you'll get great pictures.

4) Don't bring your glass to the dance floor

Dropping your drink is the ultimate party foul! No one wants to step on glass or get off the dance floor. Try to reach for a plastic alternative if you can, or grab a sip in between songs.

5) Bring good ENERGY!

Always bring positive, fun vibes to any party you go to. It will radiate on to the other guests, the hostess will be thankful and you'll be guaranteed to have a blast. Not to mention you'll probably score an invite for next year!

Ramy's Best Dressed Guest Picks: