Then and Now: Ramy's Thanksgiving Traditions

As one of three sisters, Ramy has always loved coming together as a family to celebrate Thanksgiving—a cherished time of year that’s full of fun, family, and of course, tons of food! Over the years, the celebrations have changed but the family spirit is still the same. See what traditions Ramy and her family have added to their annual gathering.

Thanksgiving: THEN

Ramy and her two sisters, Robi and Lori, grew up in Chatham - a small town in New Jersey with a very close knit community, making holiday celebrations all the more special. As a cheerleader for Chatham Borough High School, Ramy spent Thanksgiving morning cheering on the football team and celebrating their win (or loss!). After the game, the sisters would attend a few parties around the block, while their mother prepared Thanksgiving dinner at home.

“My mother would get up at 5 AM and start cooking the turkey. She loved decorating for the holiday - even our front door had a turkey on it!”

Annual Thanksgiving dinner usually took place at Ramy’s house, filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. No matter the size of the get together, Ramy and her sisters always dressed up - of course!

Thanksgiving: NOW

Every Thanksgiving morning, the Sharp family starts their day giving back to the New York community. Ramy, Rob and their three kids, Kyle, Dylan and Stevie, head downtown to volunteer by serving meals at the Bowery Mission.

Later in the afternoon, both of Ramy’s sisters, parents, and in-laws all travel to the Sharp’s Upper East Side apartment to celebrate. With a large family like this one, there is never a dull moment.

“Setting the table is my favorite part - I usually rent tables and chairs because it can be up to 30 of us!”

Leave it to Ramy to set her table in style. Orange hues and bold metallics set the tone for a beautiful setting. To top it off, Ramy loves to make pretty place cards and gift her guests with Thanksgiving swag bags. Each year, the entire family receives personalized sweatshirts, tees, and hats - leading to an instantly unforgettable photo op.

It wouldn’t be a proper Thanksgiving celebration without tons of tasty food - amongst the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, the Sharp’s make a mean Thanksgiving turkey. Ramy usually serves dinner buffet style, as it’s much easier to take seconds (or thirds, or fourths!) But before they dive in, the family goes around the table sharing what they are thankful for.

"While our new traditions are a bit different, the love of family has stayed the same. Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours."