#StrongMoms: Celebrating Mother's Day with Bloomingdale's

#StrongMoms: Celebrating Mother's Day with Bloomingdale's

See how we're celebrating Mother's Day this year. 

At Ramy Brook, we celebrate strong women everyday - it's a fundamental part of our Happy, Sexy and Strong DNA. Naturally, we wanted to do something special to commemorate the beautiful moms out there for Mother’s Day!

On Sunday April 7th, we invited 20 of Ramy’s closest friends and their daughters to shoot some fabulous photos for the Ramy Brook shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street. Each mother-daughter duo sported new pieces from the Ramy Brook Summer Collection, available now at Bloomingdale’s, and shared sentiments on why they are proud of their mamas.

Take a look below to see some shots from our Mother’s Day shoot, along with the sweet messages each daughter wrote to their mothers. Be sure to check out the images at the Ramy Brook shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street and tag #STRONGMOMS for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page! 

Happy Mother's Day! #StrongMoms

"I'm so proud of my mom because she cares for everyone around her and always finds a way to overcome obstacles with a great attitude. My mom managed to raise three kids while running her own business - and she's never missed a sports game! I'm so proud to be her daughter." - Stevie  

"We're so proud to be Helene's daughters because she taught all three of us to live out our dreams, reach for the stars, and always care for people along the way. Women rule!"  - Ramy and Robi (missing Lori!) 

"I’m proud of my mom because she is very passionate, extremely hardworking and caring. She juggles work and family so well and still manages to be there for me, always." - Jaimie 

"We're proud of our mom because she takes care of all 4 of us at once while having a successful career in interior design. She’s very independent, strong and always encourages us to be our best selves. She always stays positive no matter what the situation is! " - Pheobe, Sydney, Sammi and Audrey 

"We’re proud of our grandma because she is so strong and always makes time for our entire family. She’s the greatest role model and is always up for some fun. We love her!" - Sammy and Alexa

"I'm proud of my mom because she always makes me smile. We love to walk around the city together." - Elina 

"I'm proud of my mom because she motivates not only me, but everyone around her - she lights up the room. She’s an amazing mother to both my brothers and me and I cannot thank her enough for teaching me all of life’s valuable lessons." - Illyana 

"I’m proud of my mom because she always puts her family first and gives the best advice. She can give the net net like nobody’s bizz. I love my mom!" - Jamie  

"I’m proud of my mom because she’s so organized and always one step ahead of everyone else. She’s always looking out for other people. I love her!" - Sydney

"I’m proud of my mom because she’s very kind, loves all of my friends, and always hangs out with me. We love to go on runs together - we really do everything together!"- Amanda 

"I’m proud of all my mom does to take care of my brothers and me - she always puts us before herself. I'm also so proud of the work she does for AJC charity." - Alexis 

"We’re so proud of our mom because she takes care of us while working on her jewelry business. She pushes us to be our best selves and always knows how to cheer us up - and knows how to have a good time!" - Lily and Devyn 

"I’m proud to be her daughter because my mom is always there for her family and her friends. She’s very smart and I turn to her for advice in everything. She has a very fun Aussie attitude that I love and she’s my best friend!" - Lucy

"We are proud of our mom because she always makes time for us and everyone around her. She always tries her best for us and makes us the absolute best we can be. She makes us the happiest!" - Katherine and Amanda  

"I’m proud of my mom because she’s always there for me and I can talk to her about anything. I feel safe around her. My mom is always balancing a lot of activities and can still makes time for our family. She’s so smart, nice and athletic!" - Samara

"I’m proud of my mom every day. She not only has a smile on her face, but puts one on everyone around her. She is a ball of energy and light and I’m so thankful to have her as my role model." - Amanda

"I’m proud of my mom because she works very hard to keep our family happy. She always manages to have a smile on her face in everything she does." - Dani 

"I’m proud of my mom because everything in life she does is selfless. She puts me before herself." - Hunter 

"My mom has always been really supportive of everything I’ve wanted to do. I'm so proud of her because she puts our family's needs before her own." - Riley

"I’m so proud of my mom - she is so successful in everything she does in life. She’s the best!" - Kylie 


"We are proud of our mom's iconic style and how she carries herself. Her influence on both of us inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves. Our mom is a fighter. She fights hard but loves harder. She’s beautiful - we love her so much!"  - Liv and Jack Pilot 


See these photos up close and personal at the Ramy Brook shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale's 59th Street, 2nd Floor!

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