Ramy's 3 Go-To Date Night Ideas

Whether you're celebrating your first Valentine's Day or have been married for over 25 years like me, making time for date night is so important! Rob and I have some date night go-to's that are super easy and effortless, but still special. If you're in need of some quick and romantic date ideas, see my top 3 below.

xo, Ramy

1. Going out to a local restaurant with sentimental value

You don't need to break a sweat trying to get a reservation at the hottest new restaurant to have a fun date night. If you're planning for a night out, try going somewhere that has sentimental value to your relationship. Rob and I have been going to Nicola's (a classic, cozy UES Italian restaurant) for years! We've celebrated birthdays, milestones, graduations, and anniversaries here ... It gradually just became our spot. If you're in a new relationship and don't have a sentimental spot just yet, try going somewhere in your neighborhood! Maybe it's where you had your first date, the bar where you met, or you just walked by it together. Either way, you can start making those memories for the future - and always be able to snag a table last minute.

What to wear:

2. Cooking dinner together at home

Cooking together at home is a fun, easy way to have a last minute date night. Nothing says romance more than some good comfort food and wine! Lucky for me, Rob is such an amazing cook and never fails to impress me in the kitchen. (Although I can't say the same - I'm usually on wine duty LOL!) If you're a little more adventurous, try making a new recipe together.  Blast your favorite playlist (cue your wedding song), light some candles and pour some wine - you'll instantly forget you're at still home!

What to wear:

Cooking Rob's famous "Sunday Gravy" together last year! Check out the video and recipe below.

3. Strolling around Central Park

Going for a long walk is another easy way to turn an ordinary routine into a date. Rob and I like to take advantage of living near Central Park - we'll grab our favorite coffees (almond milk misto for me!), a classic New York pretzel or hotdog and just stroll. Sometimes the simplest things are the most romantic, especially in NYC.

What to wear:

What's your go-to date night?

Whether you're hitting that new downtown hot-spot all over your Instagram feed or making popcorn for movie night at home, anything can be special when you're with the right person. However you do your date night, I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

xoxo, Ramy

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