5 Fabulous Things to do on Your Extra Day of the Year

It's almost Leap Day! For a little background, this means that we get an extra day on the calendar every 4 years. These additional 24 hours are built in to ensure that our calendar stays in line with the Earth's orbit around the sun. Crazy!!

Since we're only #blessed with this extra day every 4 years, we need to take advantage of these additional hours come February 29th. To ease your stress of planning, we've rounded up 5 fun activities to do on your extra day of the year.

Throw a rooftop party

What better way to celebrate an extra day than to throw a party ... on a rooftop! Grab your besties, blast your favorite Spotfiy playlist and stock up on champagne and tequila. This get-together can only happen once every 4 years, so make it a night to remember!

@PaytonSartain and @ClaudiaGraziano

Check out a museum you've been meaning to go to

It can be hard to carve out time in our busy schedules to experience something new. Use the 29th to hit up that new exhibit at the Met or travel upstate to the Storm King Art Center. You'll feel revitalized for doing something other than your usual errands. Plus, you'll finally be able to check it off your list!

Image courtesy of Storm King Art Center.

Go on a shopping spree

We're always looking for an excuse to shop! Utilize your extra day (and your credit card) to hit up Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side. While you're there, don't forget to pop into our flagship in between 76th and 77th Street!

Ramy Brook Flagship at 980 Madison Ave.

Make a crazy recipe

We're all guilty of scrolling through those cooking videos on Instagram - but how often do you actually have the time to make them? Take the extra 24 hours and make that 100 layer lasagna or raindrop cake. You've got the time!

100 Layer Lasagna. Courtesy of Tasty Buzzfeed.

Try a new work out class

With the fitness scene continuously on the rise, there are so many work out classes aimed to get your body moving in a fun and unique way. Channel your inner J.Lo at Body and Pole or jump around at TrampoLEAN.

Image courtesy of TrampoLEAN.

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