Vogue Editor turned Astrologist shares her expertise

Former Vogue editor turned expert astrologist, Alice Bell found her sweet spot where passion meets profession. We caught up with Alice to learn about her career shift, what to do when Mercury is in Retrograde, and how your astrological sign impacts your style.

Tell us about yourself and your career path.

I have a background in fashion. I went to grad school for fashion journalism, and all of my internships were for magazines. After graduating, I got a job as a fashion market assistant at Vogue. I was there for two years, and spent my days calling in clothing for online video shoots, writing shopping posts for the website and then just doing general scheduling for my boss. Then at the end of January I did a total career switch and left to be a full time astrologer. That includes sending people chart readings, meeting with people one-on-one for sessions, doing chart readings at brand events and writing weekly horoscopes for British Vogue.

When did you initially become interested in Astrology and how did you learn about it?

I had always looked at my weekly horoscope, and I have a therapist who is also an astrologer who introduced me to my birth chart a few years ago. However, it wasn’t until January 2018 when I started researching astrology on my own time. After taking the time to really understand my own chart, it validated a lot of my personality traits that I had always had trouble accepting. I wanted everyone else to realize this too, so I started doing the charts of my coworkers, friends and for people over Instagram DM. The more I practiced, the more everything started to click. There’s no limit to how much you can learn with astrology.

We know that Mercury is going into Retrograde again soon (July 7th to be exact) - what does this mean and how will it affect our day-to-day lives?

Mercury Retrograde happens when Mercury slows down in its orbit and appears to be moving backwards. It occurs usually three times a year and lasts for about three weeks. Since Mercury is the planet of information and communication, the retrograde is known to cause miscommunication, travel delays and technology malfunctions. It’s not all bad though. View Mercury Retrograde as simply a time to reflect rather than trying to push ahead with something new. There might be an idea you had that is worth revisiting, and often people from your past resurface in order for you to gain closure with them.

Are there ways to prepare and protect ourselves from this tumultuous time?

I just think being aware of the retrograde gives you a greater understanding of why certain things might be happening to you. It’s nothing to freak out about, and you can’t really prepare for it. But if you find yourself growing frustrated that nothing is moving ahead as you wanted, you can be comforted in knowing that these delays are only temporary. The only thing I would avoid is buying new phone, tv or computer though, because they might end up having problems further down the road.

Any word of advice for people embarking on a new career path?

You can’t worry about what other people think of your career choice. There is no right job path to take, and you should always follow your intuition on what would make you the happiest. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions influence what you end up doing. It also takes time and patience to get what you want, and sometimes you have to work a job you don’t really love while building up what you do love on the side. I’ve also never let money be a deciding factor in what job I take, because if you’re doing what you’re passionate about money will eventually come over time.

How does your astrological sign affect your style?

I think a person’s style is influenced by both their sun and rising signs. So as an Aquarius sun, I’ve shied away from trends and have always stuck to my own way of dressing (1960s mod inspired). Aquarians always like to do the opposite of what everyone else does. And then as a Leo Rising, I usually wear bright and bold colors and prints. I like my clothing to really stand out.



Alice picks her favorite Ramy Brook outfits to reflect each astrological sign.













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