Ramy's Most Bingeable TV Shows

When I'm not working, hanging with the kids or out to dinner with friends, you can find me wide awake at 2 AM binge-watching Netflix shows — wish I was kidding! See below for all of the shows I'm watching right now, even in the middle of the night.

Narcos. Netflix.

Netflix chronicles the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the gripping real-life stories of drug kingpins of the late '80s.

Cheer. Netflix.

A 6-part American docuseries following the nationally ranked Navarro College Cheer Team as they prepare to compete in the National Cheerleading Competition held annually in Daytona, Florida.

Schitt's Creek. Pop TV. Seasons 1-5 on Netflix.

When the wealthy Rose family loses their fortune, they are forced to rebuild their lives with their sole remaining asset: a small town named Schitt's Creek which they had bought for their son as a joke birthday gift back in 1991.

Fleabag. Amazon Prime Video.

A dry-witted woman, known only as Fleabag, has no filter as she navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with tragedy.

Workin' Moms. CBC Television. Netflix.

Four moms form an unlikely friendship at a judgmental mommies' group, sharing struggles of urban motherhood filled with the chaos of toddlers, tantrums, careers, and identity crises, all while trying to achieve the holy grail: a sense of self.

Hunters. Amazon Prime Video.

Nazi hunters discover hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials in 1977 New York City, conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S, The Hunters set out to bring the Nazis to justice.

The Morning Show. Apple TV.

An inside look at the people who help Americans wake up each day, exploring the challenges faced by the people who work in morning television. Starring Steve Carrel, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon.

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