Ramy Brook's Healthcare Heroes Registry is designed to express appreciation for the incredible healthcare workers protecting us during this pandemic. The registry enables you to gift a healthcare worker a beautiful piece they've chosen themselves.

We wanted to highlight some of the amazing healthcare heroes who signed up for our registry. Check out their messages and gift a healthcare hero below!

Meet Christiana

"My name is Christiana Ponce. I am a single mother of a two year old and a hardworking registered nurse working the front lines of the COVID-19 drive thru testing site in Jones Beach & Staten Island, NY, as well as the antibody testing sites within the tri state area. I have tirelessly been working alongside other dedicated nurses and the military for the past 47 days straight (12+ hour shifts on our feet) but still arrive to work smiling in hopes of making a difference. Along with swabbing over 1,000 patients per day, we provide the support and encouragement for these patients effected by COVID-19 and will continue to do so until this is over. Thank you for your tremendous generosity in these trying times."

- Christiana, NYS Department of Health

Meet Kristi

"Hello all! I am a hospital secretary and birth doula. I work hard to make sure mothers and babies are safe. This is an awesome and caring idea for you to help us healthcare workers during this trying time. I have small baby at home and I’m sure you know how stressful this time is - it’s draining. This is very helpful and encouraging, thank you all!."

- Kristi, Barnes Hospital Unit

Meet Caitlin

"Thank you to anyone who picks my registry! As a mom of 2, I don't often buy things for myself. I work on the COVID units in a nursing home - it's difficult, but rewarding! I love my patients and what I do, watching them light up when they're able to retake their first steps or climb the stairs again."

- Caitlin, Hackensack Meridian Health

Meet Rachel

"Thank you for thinking of all of us and finding a way to make us smile during these stressful times! We really, really appreciate it."

- Rachel, ER Doctor at NYU

Meet Molly

"I am currently a trauma nurse in St. Paul, MN. Just getting back from maternity leave and heading into the belly of the beast. With little ones at home, it has been stressful coming back to work. I am eternally grateful for my amazing coworkers during this crazy time!"

- Molly, Regions Hospital St. Paul

Meet Kelly

"I am a Certified Child Life Specialist at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx where I utilize my degree & training to support patients and families in the hospital and provide coping strategies and support for procedures and diagnoses. During this crazy time of COVID-19, I’ve taken on the additional responsibility of supporting our hardworking, exhausted, and scared medical team by coordinating donations and deliveries for all departments/units within our children’s hospital. My goal is to make things as easy and stress-free as possible while they provide the best care to our patients (many of whom are adult patients and are out of our comfort zone!)."

- Kelly, Children's Hospital at Montefiore Meridian Health

Meet Chahait

"I’ve never felt more than today that being a doctor is my true calling. How grateful I am to be on this frontline journey and to see success stories. To send home someone's moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandmothers , grandfathers. What a true blessing."

-Chahait, St. Joseph's Medical Center

Meet Tina

"I have been RN for 20 years. A year ago I received my Nurse Practitioner License. Currently I work in an Emergency Department in Rancho Mirage California. I love what I do and I could not imagine not being a nurse. I feel blessed to have a job and to be caring for those in need ❤️"

- Tina, Eisenhower Medical Center

Meet Bridget

"Hello! I'm an ER nurse on the front lines at Lankenau Medical Center located at the epicenter of the PA COVID outbreak. Im counting down the days until I can go on vacation and decompress."

- Bridget, Lankenau Medical Center ER

Meet Sasha

"I really just wanted to take this platform to thank you. Seeing all the encouraging messages, signs, posts, everything is what fills our cup to keep going. Thank you. Stay safe."

- Sasha N, Intermountain Healthcare

Meet Michelle

"I am forever grateful for all of your support and extra love you have given us during this time. From my family, friends, coworkers and strangers, you will be forever appreciated! Thank you for smiling. Smiling is contagious and to get a smile back means a thousand words."

- Michelle, Silver Cross Hospital

Meet Leah

"I’m a pediatric ICU RN who is proud to be a nurse and healthcare worker during these crazy times. If you had told me that during my career I would face a pandemic that would ultimately change healthcare I wouldn’t have believed you. But , despite these trying times , my priority has always been taking care of sick children. Thank you for your support!"

- Leah, Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Meet Ellison

"I’m Charge in Critical Care (intensive care unit/ICU) and responder of the Code-Blue Team throughout the whole hospital.These past few weeks, our days have been an easy adrenaline pumping 14-15hr shifts. Even with a pandemic and months of sleep-deprivation, I still absolutely love my job. Your encouragement keeps me and other healthcare providers going during these hard times. We know there is a light at the end of this tunnel."

- Ellison, NCH Naples Community Hospital

Meet Stacy

"I work as a Certified Medical Assistant in a high volume clinic. Since the pandemic outbreak, many of my coworkers have been out on Family Leave, furloughed, or in quarantine themselves. This has left just a couple of us to assist with up to 60 patients per day. While it's exhausting, it's also rewarding to take care if people in need. Thank you so much for the recognition!! It is so very appreciated."

- Stacy, Kansas Medical Center

Meet Samantha

"I am a pediatric registered nurse and mom of two little boys. I’m currently working on the front lines and doing my best to keep patients and my family safe and healthy."

- Samantha, Morristown Medical Center

Meet Jessica

"This time has taken an emotional toll on all healthcare professionals. But the constant support from family, friends, and colleagues has made this unfortunate time all that easier. The generous donations from complete strangers, small and large businesses, and the communities we serve on a daily basis is something I’ll truly never forget."

- Jessica, Stamford Hospital ICU

Meet Alyssa

"I’m a nurse in NY caring for COVID patients since the beginning of the outbreak. My unit was one of the first to convert to a COVID unit, and although it was scary in the beginning, I went to work with pride every shift knowing I was making a difference during such a crazy time. I’d like to thank all healthcare heroes, frontline workers in hospitals, grocery store workers, police officers, sanitation workers and everyone else who did their part to help keep the world running while also helping to flatten the curve!! We can continue to do this to end the fight together!"

- Alyssa, North Shore University Hospital

Meet Shruti

"Building this registry while on an overnight shift in a New Orleans emergency room. Rewarding way to spend a Saturday night! Thank you so much for your generous gifts."

- Shruti, LSU HSC New Orleans

Meet Lori

"So thankful to have everyone's support in this fight. I normally work as a Thoracic Surgery nurse practitioner, but have been reassigned to cover Covid positive patients with the amazing staff in the medical IMC. COVID doesn't know who it's messing with!"

- Lori, UMD Medical Center