How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during a Pandemic

At the moment, life has changed as we know it: the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our daily lives, in more ways than one.

So how can we reduce anxiety and maintain normalcy and during such an abnormal time? To gain some insight (and catch up with a family member), Ramy virtually chatted with her older sister and psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig.

Watch the video and read some key takeaways from Ramy's chat with Robi below!

Do something that makes you feel good about yourself

It's important to still feel good about yourself, even when you're staying at home. You want to look in the mirror and feel like yourself and that there is some structure to your day. If you feel great wearing jewelry or doing your hair, do that! Do something that makes you feel happy, and something that makes you connect with the normal world.

Recognize your triggers and limitations

When it comes to stress and anxiety, everyone is different. You have to recognize what gets you overstimulated. If you feel like watching the news all day gets you in a negative headspace, you need to set a limit for yourself and take a break. Take the time to read a book, meditate, or exercise. There are more effective ways to spend your time!

Get dressed for your day

Fashion enhancement means to dress the way you want to feel. We dress the way we feel (sweats, PJs), but we need to dress the we want to feel. The outside can really impact how you feel on the inside.

Honor yours and your family's losses

We are all missing our friends and mourning the loss of social gatherings. It's important to honor these losses and know it's normal to feel upset.

It's especially important to do this for our kids. A lot of our children are missing their friends, their high school graduation, spring break, proms, etc. Although its frustrating, we have to think about how can we utilize this time differently. Is there a way to postpone the event or set a new date for a graduation party? Can we celebrate virtually? This will give them something to look forward to.

Let your kids know that they are experiencing an important part of history. It will make them stronger knowing they are contributing to history in a positive way through social distancing.

Be proactive with your down time

Take the time to learn how you can use this time in a meaningful way. Now more than ever, time is on our side - our lives are usually so busy! I've seen people use this time to network, date, or start a project. We can carve out this time to learn something new or spend time with our families in a special and purposeful way.

Connect with others (virtually, of course)

Look at the positives! I've been catching up with family more often via zoom and connecting with people that I normally didn't have time to in my every day life. Use this time to connect with people that you love, and enjoy it! Know that we are stronger than we feel we are.

About Dr. Robi Ludwig:

Dr. Robi Ludwig is a nationally known psychotherapist and award-winning reporter. She received the 2020 Best of Manhattan Award in the Mental Health Practitioner category by the Manhattan Award Program. Dr. Ludwig has been appearing on broadcast media since 1997 and is sought after for her psychological insights on a wide range of topics. She is also the author of the best-selling self-help book, "Your Best Age is Now!"

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