Hello, Madison Ave!

Ever since I started Ramy Brook in my apartment on the Upper East Side, it has been a dream of mine to open a store on Madison Avenue in New York City. Dreams really do come true because Ramy Brook is officially open at 980 Madison Avenue!

A few months ago, we found the perfect spot in the center of the iconic avenue between 76th and 77th street. When I saw the location, I just knew it was the right place for us. It's right across the street from the legendary Carlyle Hotel (one of my favorite spots for a drink) and walking distance from my apartment and Central Park.

There was no doubt in my mind that Madison Avenue is where I wanted this new store to be. When I gave birth to my first son, I would take him in a stroller to Barney's and walk up and down Madison for blocks and blocks. It became our cherished routine over the years; I still love doing that walk and spending time in the area.

Ramy Brook has grown tremendously over the past 5 years, and it is the right time to open a flagship store. We have so many great styles that people don't necessarily see in all of the department stores, and now they can see them all here! It's also a great opportunity to test new products because we have the space and great sales team to do so. I'm working on new categories and collaborations that we will showcase here as well!

I wanted this store to be the ultimate shopping experience: you can expect a fully stocked bar (rose and tequila, of course), personalized styling, fun music and even smart phone charging stations. We've carefully thought out every detail so you can hang out, shop, party, and enjoy.  

Our amazing Madison team is truly there to help you find the most fabulous look for every occasion. Whether it's a date, party or just a wardrobe tune-up, we're there to suggest great outfits to help women feel happy, sexy, and strong.

I'll be spending a lot of time here and want to meet you all! I'm so excited for this new chapter at Ramy Brook. I'll see you uptown!



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