Happy, Sexy, Strong: Olivia Amato

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Olivia Amato: Peloton instructor, certified personal trainer & a fitness model

If you're one of the millions of people who purchased an at-home Peloton bike during the height of the pandemic, you most definitley know the ultra-popular instructor Olivia Amato. From the bike to the floor, Olivia continues to coach Peloton members with her super fun HIIT rides, intense floor workouts and endurance building tred classes - all while looking super stylish!

While you may invite Olivia into your home every morning for a killer workout, you may not know that she actually began her career working a desk job on Wall Street. We connected with the fitness model and personal trainer to learn how she made the leap to pivot her career from finance to fitness and embraced her true passion to create the success she has today. Read more about this happy, sexy and strong woman below!

Tell us a bit about yourself, your passions and how you got started in the fitness industry.

I actually started my career on Wall Street after graduating from Fordham University with a degree in finance and business! I loved the relationship aspect of the job, but hated sitting at a desk for 12-hour days. I started to use fitness as an outlet and would take my clients to classes instead of dinners. I eventually went out on a limb and got my first job at a studio!

Aside from fitness, I love dogs (all animals really) and fashion!

Were you scared to take the jump from Wall Street to fitness? What advice do you have for other women wanting to pivot their career?

It was definitely a risky jump, but I knew the reward would be greater than the risk if I really committed and went for it. When I commit to something, I give 100%, so giving up was not an option. Of course I fell down a few times but I picked myself up and kept going instead of staying down.

My advice to women would be to just go for it! If it's something you are truly passionate about, it will fall into place.

As a female Peloton coach, you inspire thousands of people, especially women, to be the best versions of themselves. What inspires you?

I am inspired by those who take my classes and show up with me! Hearing everyone’s stories, goals and challenges motivate me to keep going and keep showing up, because it’s not about me, it’s about the collective, it’s so much bigger than just a workout.

It seems like we're always seeing you on our screens! What is the greatest challenge you have faced with your work schedule and how do you successfully balance your work and personal life?

For the most part, my life is always go, go, go— but i’ve learned over the years that balance is SO important. In order for me to fill anyone else’s cup, mine needs to be full first and that goes for anyone! I’ve realized how important it is for me to recharge/ reset as well as living a balanced life where I get to spend time with friends and family, and then give my 100% when i’m on the bike, tread or mat.

What can we expect next from you - anything exciting in the works to look out for?!

There are always so many exciting things in the pipeline! Personally, Im getting married this July in Ireland and I’m so excited to have the best time with all of my friends and family!

Describe your style in three words:

Street, classic, edgy.

Olivia in the Alara Top.

Life mantra?

Don't aim to be better than others, aim to be better than yesterday.

Tell us what makes you feel...

Happy: My dog Tobi!

Sexy: A good outfit.

Strong: A 30 min HIIT ride!

Catch Olivia on the Peloton bike each week and follower her at @oamato!