Happy, Sexy, Strong: Adriana Carigg

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Adriana Carigg: Founder and CEO of Little Words Project

Adriana Carigg in the Isla Puff Sleeve Blouse.

Adriana Carigg founded Little Words Project with one goal in mind: reminding her peers that "it's cool to be kind." Little Words Project aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and pay that kindness forward, one bracelet at a time.

The new mom started making inspiring bracelets back in college with the intention of spreading kindness and encouragement throughout her sorority. It was then that she realized inspiring others and practicing self love was her true calling. In 2013, a year after graduating college, Adriana took on LWP full time with the intention to serve a greater purpose beyond selling bracelets (although they're super cute, too!!)

Today, Little Words Project has grown into a successful DTC and wholesale business, with an idyllic flagship store on Bleeker Street in the West Village. Learn more about Adriana's journey as founder and CEO of LWP, along with her advice on starting her business and balancing her career and motherhood.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started "Little Words Project."

My name is Adriana Carrig and I am the Founder and CEO of Little Words Project! After being bullied for most of my life, I really wanted to create a way to spread more kindness, especially in "girl world"! I started making word bracelets for my sorority at TCNJ and then realized that spreading kindness and practicing self love is something that everyone can and should do.

You started your career working in the retail and fashion industry. What gave you the push to ultimately start your own business? What advice do you have (if any) for other women wanting to pivot their career?

Ultimately, I decided to start Little Words Project because I really believed that this product could make a difference. I knew I was sitting on a simple yet great idea and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't take the risk and go for it. For women looking to pivot their career, I say "just do it." Always believe in yourself and from there you truly can do anything.

What is the greatest challenge you've faced (or still face today) running a business as a female entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge that I've faced has been finding the right employees that will make your dream their own. If someone chooses to work at a "start-up" they are truly choosing to believe in something you built from the ground up, and it takes a unique individual to take that risk. However, when the right people do take that risk, magic really can happen.

In addition to being Founder and CEO of LWP, perhaps the greatest roles you've taken on are "wife" and "mother". How do you successfully balance your work and personal life?

Balance has always been tough for me, but now that I am a mom to Ford--I put him first. I've worked hard to build LWP to a place where my team can continue to help it grow, and I am finally just forcing myself to have a balance for Ford and my family. Still running the business of course, but I've been able to relinquish a ton of control and that's been incredible

What can we expect next from you - anything exciting in the works to look out for?!

Oh yes!!! We have tons of incredible collabs, new drops, and overall goodness coming this year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Describe your style in 3 words.

Comfortable, Chic, and Minimalistic.

Life mantra?

Querer es Poder" This translates to "If you want it, you can achieve it" My mother has been saying this to me since I was a little girl, and I truly believe it is why I am where I am today. I have always had the courage to pursue my dreams because of this mantra.

Tell us what makes you feel....

Happy: my family

Sexy: a perfect skincare routine.

Strong: walking into the office that I built each and every day knowing that we're changing the world.

You can shop best-selling and custom bracelets at littlewordsproject.com.


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