A Note from Ramy: Reflecting on 2020

If there has ever been a year to sit back and reflect, 2020 is it.

On Monday March 9th, I celebrated my birthday with 100 friends at the Ramy Brook store. While we were “air hugging" and being careful, we had no idea that by Friday March 13th, a full blown pandemic would take over the remainder of the year. It seems that overnight the world had changed.  

I was glued to the news hoping and (naively) waiting to hear of an end date. As the days went on, the news became worse. Something I never imagined could happen, did. I experienced fear in a way I didn’t know was possible — the fear of the unknown.  

Scoring toilet paper and paper towels was a BIG win. Being able to walk in Central Park and getting fresh air in a healthy way kept me sane. Temporarily closing the Ramy Brook office and store brought relief that our team was safe.

Home cooked meals (by Rob) and having our kids home was — dare I say — FUN! Our conversations were heated, empathic, intelligent and passionate. Between Covid-19, politics and civil unrest, there was much to discuss.

ZOOM became the new way to party. I live for our family holidays. Being apart on Passover, Thanksgiving, Bat Mitzvahs, Hannukah, graduations and birthdays was difficult. The pandemic forced us to find a new, safe way to connect given our new reality.  We learned to PIVOT (a word I hadn't used much since my tennis days as a kid!)

Things I took for granted became much more appreciated. Seeing how the healthcare workers put their lives at risk everyday brought a new meaning to the word "hero." They became the beacon of hope for all who were scared for themselves and for their loved ones.

Teachers also took on a whole new meaning and appreciation. They were able to pivot and find new, creative ways to teach our kids.  Virtual classes?! A year ago, unheard of! Now, it's the best way to safely educate and engage children. It’s certainly nothing I could have imagined, but I'm grateful to live in a time where technology enables us and our kids to learn, grow and stay connected.

There is so much I’m grateful for in 2020. Knowing my parents and in-laws (80 and 83) have each other and are safe. Spending quality time with my husband and children.  Never taking our health for granted. Truly appreciating everyone around me who work incredibly hard to continue the success of Ramy Brook.  

Through everything, I also realized I didn’t need the daily routine I was so accustomed to. I found different ways to work, exercise, see friends, celebrate good times and be happy.  

As we enter 2021, the word HOPE comes to mind.  Patience is another. Learning we can get through anything with hope, patience and positivity will make next year a GREAT one.

I have a new appreciation for everything I missed in 2020: going to my office, events, parties, games, movies, theater and vacations, just to name a few. My appreciation for socializing in groups without fear is something I’m looking forward to next year.  But, I will NEVER forget all the silver linings 2020 has had for my family and me.

2020 has made me stronger, calmer, more flexible and empathetic.  Nevertheless, I’m happy to close out the year and welcome in a new one!!  

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy 2021 filled with love, light and smiles.

xoxo, Ramy

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