‌“Girlfriends‌’ Guide to Divorce‌”

Why I love the show: Life doesn’t always go as planned. Of course there is a lot of drama on the show, but it’s heartwarming too, and at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships with one another. Also -- these are ladies who clearly love fashion. It’s a thrill to see some of the characters wear my clothes on the show.

Why is Ramy Brook style a perfect match for this Bravo show?
My clothes are all about making women feel confident and beautiful all day long. Abby is a busy woman who has a career (that goes through ups and downs!), a family, and of course lots of girlfriends. Ramy Brook style fits perfectly because it looks just as great at a kid’s baseball game as it does at after-work cocktails with friends. - Ramy

Lisa Edelstein in The Paige Top
Photo Courtesy of Bravo

"The classic pieces are just that – classic, timeless. I have used Ramy Brook primarily on our character Abby for those exact reasons." -Cynthia Summers


Styling the Show:

4 Questions With Costume Designer Cynthia Summers

Q: What is your overall style concept for the main character in the show?

A: Abby McCarthy (played by Lisa Edelstein) is our main Girlfriend. Our show revolves around Abby and her evolving life full of family, career, love and loss.

Abby began in our first season as a “work from home” writer of a book series “Girlfriends Guide to….” Between writing, meetings with editors, navigating her kids’ schedules, divorce and dating, we designed a closet for Abby that can take her to all these places, throughout her day, looking Cali casual fab.

The quintessential day-to-night outfits, work for us still, well into Season 4.  Easy wearing silhouettes of fab tops, blazers, pencil thin jeans and sky high heels pared with the “it” bag of the moment to Dior-style silhouettes in dresses for meetings, and body-conscious sheath dresses for evening keep Abby forever looking fresh and hot!

Q: How does the costume design inform the character?

A: Costume design is so important in informing the story of our characters.  Each of our ladies travels through their respective days going through many sets and situations, and the costumes tell us where we are, what we are doing there and what our motivation is with the rest of the characters in our scenes.  Colour, silhouettes and killer accessories, help to set time, tone and and intent!

Q: Tell us a little bit about the Ramy Brook clothes you selected and why they work.

A: I have used Ramy Brook on many of my projects over the years. The classic pieces are just that – classic, timeless. I have used Ramy Brook primarily on our character Abby for those exact reasons. Ramy Brook tops add an elegant ease and flash of color to any outfit I create for Abby. A Ramy Brook Harriet top paired with an amazing Balmain blazer, skinny jeans, and kick ass heels is one of our constant silhouettes we feature on Abby. Never disappoints!

Q: Do you have a favorite Ramy Brook look?

A: One of my favorite Ramy Brook looks on Abby used in an upcoming season is the one-shouldered Lulu jumpsuit. It is the essence of Abby’s character. It goes from home to out in the city to meet friends for lunch with easy, elegant, sexy charm. Perfect Cali casual vibe.


​‌“ All of the pieces that Abby wears in the show have one thing in
common – they are stylish, fashionable, and fun. ​‌”  Ramy

The Lulu jumpsuit in red.

‌“ The Lulu jumpsuit is an elegant one-shoulder silhouette in charmeuse. It’s effortless yet sophisticated. I’ve created it in an exclusive red color inspired by the spirit of the show.‌” - Ramy

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