Happy, Sexy, Strong Women: Jennifer Miller

Happy, Sexy, Strong Women: Jennifer Miller

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Definitely an applicable motto in the case of Ramy's longtime friendship with the fabulous jeweler, Jennifer Miller.

Jennifer began her business endeavors with a lot of determination, and great support from her family. In 1995, she began hosting successful trunk shows around the country. Jen opened her first storefront in South Hampton in 2004, and has since expanded to NYC, Palm Beach, and South Beach to name a few. Her boutiques sparkle with an incredibly curated collection of fashion, fine and faux jewelry, as well as her own designs.

Read on for our interview with this chic and savvy business woman!



Tell us about Jennifer Miller Jewelry and your work with building up such an exciting company.

Rule # 1
Keep at it as long as you are enjoying what you are doing! Sure, there will be those rough patches, but make sure you truly have passion and enjoy the business every day.

Rule # 2
Always remember those who helped you get to where you are today. That will help you get to the next place on your journey.

Rule # 3
Remember rule # 1


What advice would you give your younger self now that you’re on the other side of starting and maintaining a successful company?

I thrive on the creative side of the house. I can stare at gemstones, pearls, and jewelry components and come up with new designs. I love working with all of the amazing jewelry designers we represent to select new pieces for the collection. My clients are my best inspiration for new ideas. They keep me grounded and afloat. Ultimately, they are the judges who vote with their dollars every time they make a purchase in any of my five stores or online at JenniferMillerJewelry.com.

What are your favorite aspect(s) of running your business?

I absolutely live in my brand! With our latest store opening at the W Hotel South Beach, I happily get to sell and wear my best selling designer Ramy Brook !

What is your fail-proof "power outfit" or style?

My all time fave is the Harriet Top,  which I own in four colors and wear three different ways, paired with the Allyn Pant and a high heel. Oh, I can't leave out the Paige Top, which I adore with jeans or a slim pencil skirt.



Since this is a series profiling women we believe to fit our brand motto of "Happy, Sexy, Strong", we wanted to do a quick rapid-fire word association with you.

When dancing at a U2 concert, pretending Bono is singing to only me!

Giving my husband a lap dance... Hope I don't embarrass him?

Empowering my team, friends, family, even strangers with words of wisdom to help them when they are in need.