Ramy Brook on Prince Street

Ramy Brook on Prince Street

Situated on one of New York City's most popular streets, and across the street from some amazing pizza (Prince Street Pizza), is the Ramy Brook flagship store -- an intimate, and immersive Ramy Brook shopping experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The space is always mindfully stocked with our most popular and current pieces and accentuated by different design elements that transition with each collection.

Another key element to this Ramy Brook environment are the people running the show, our Ramy Brook stylists: Bri, Richie, and Markie. Get to know a little bit more about these brand ambassadors, and see how they wear their favorite current Ramy Brook looks.

Bri, Store Managerbri-minnew

"I love Ramy Brook's effortlessly stylish silhouettes. The vibe is really feminine and flirty, but classic. And it's just so versatile. When you buy a piece, you're buying multiple looks because things can be styled so differently to match whatever mood you're in.

My top picks right now are the Julian Duster, Mackenzie Top, and Sam Top. The Julian Duster is a new style for us, but really in the right direction in terms of sophisticated, but fun. I have the Mackenzie for myself because sweater tops are a really easy and flattering choice when transitioning into fall dressing. The Sam is sexy, but not over the top. An easy way to update how someone can wear lace.



I'm a really social person. I love traveling, or being with my girlfriends for a getaway, or even just learning about new cultures and places. But my go to travel spot is always a beach. I also really love staying healthy and working out. Helps keep up my energy!"

Markie, Stylistmarkie2-min

"Family is the most important thing in my life. I also love cooking; I'm such a big foodie. But, if I had to pick, I'd say my favorite food is sushi. I really enjoy traveling and museums and concerts. Enjoying artistic aspects of culture really brings me a lot of joy.

Fashion has been a big priority and love of mine my whole life. I studied fashion and creative writing at Pratt.


I'm obsessed with the Julian Duster, and Noah Skirt. They pair so well together. Miniskirts are such a great look to rock right now. The Francette Sweater is also really eye-catching. I love suggesting it to a first-time Ramy Brook customer. I also love the Farrah Dress. It's a cool way to wear the famous Japanese tech, but more appropriate for fall."

Richie, Store Managerrichie

"I've always loved fashion because of how it connects people from all over. I love styling women and hearing how wearing Ramy Brook makes them feel confident and sexy; whether they're living it up on a night out, taking it easy on vacation, or just hustling through the city.

The Farrah is the perfect fall dress. The studding on our tech fabric make it effortlessly cool. It's easily a daytime look paired back to a great pair of low boots or sneakers. You can even throw a crewneck sweater over it to play on a sweater/skirt combo. At night throw on a sharp leather jacket and killer heels to complete the look.

The Harriet is my styling go to. It's a nod to the sexy cowl neck tops that ruled fashion in the early 2000s. I love it paired back to skinny leather pants or a silk jogger like our Allyn pants. And since you can wear it 6 different ways, it's essentially only $49!

The Noah skirt should be in every woman's closet. You can wear it with anything and everything; a comfy sweater, white t-shirt, poplin button down, slinky tank and it just automatically looks good. It's especially fun in the striped version."


We love these Ramy Brook stylists, and we know you will (or already do) too! Head over to 22 Prince Street to shop and say hello.