Ramy Brook's Summer Interns

Ramy Brook's Summer Interns

Every summer we carefully select a group of college students to join us for a 3 month internship from May to the beginning of August. They spend a summer in New York City working at the Ramy Brook office and Prince Street store, getting to know every area within our brand. Ramy has always been passionate about her internship program because it's such a perfect hands-on learning experience for a student hoping to someday work in the fashion world.

This year's group of interns were just as bright and promising as ever, and as we approach their last week at Ramy Brook, we wanted to take a moment to hear about their summer at Ramy Brook.


Gabi: "As someone who holds a big passion for fashion, this summer at Ramy Brook has really given me a great overview of what it is like to work in the industry. It was so great to be a part of a company that is continuing to grow and succeed. I love the environment of the office, it really feels like a Ramy Brook family! Working here this summer has given me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a job in the fashion industry!"

Katie: "Working for Ramy Brook this summer gave me the opportunity to explore New York, and take advantage of what the city has to offer. I really loved my experience working for this amazing company, too. I especially loved the weekly intern lunches because it gave us an opportunity to learn about all the different parts of the company, and also gave us insight about looking for jobs after college. I will take what I learned in those meetings with me when I'm applying for jobs in the future."


Ali K.: "My favorite part about my internship is that this amazing office environment gave me a home feel, which allowed me to make a personal relationship with each member of the team. I was challenged everyday in both sales and e-commerce, and was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone with important responsibilities and tasks. This not only taught me valuable skills in all aspects of the retail world, but also it was an extremely rewarding feeling, one that I will cherish for life. I learned that there are many important skills that you need to acquire in order to succeed in any business and here at Ramy, I've absorbed them. As far as future plans, I hope to be fortunate enough to work in such a dedicated and supportive corporate environment, like Ramy. Thank you so much again for making my summer the best yet!"



Ali W.: "Working as an intern at Ramy Brook was an incredible experience. The best part was the people who make up the company and who are enthusiastic, and passionate about what they do-- and fun. I learned just how much goes into producing a fashion line, and was exposed to the many details that lead to the final creation. I loved my time at Ramy Brook and I love the clothes!"



Rosie: "My internship at Ramy Brook has been absolutely amazing. I worked with e-commerce and learned so much-- more then I ever imagined! I met amazing people that I will keep connections with for the rest of my life! I also made friends of a lifetime that were also interning with me. I learned that as many times as I try to accomplish the subway, it isn't for me. LOL. I loved the area that I worked in because I got to explore the area every lunch break. This internship made me realize that I want to work in the business side of fashion rather then in a retail store. I loved my internship at Ramy Brook and I am so lucky to have had this opportunity."


Valerie: "The internship was a perfect way to learn all about the fashion industry. I particularly enjoyed the weekly lunches with different employees. They gave me an opportunity to learn about various roles in the company and hear about diverse experiences. Most importantly, I saw the value of hard work. As a woman, Ramy has built her company up and she is a role model for me as I look toward my future.

Ramy Brook's internship program was by far the best professional experience that I have had. Thanks to Ramy, her husband, and all the team members, I am confident that a career in the fashion industry is a perfect match for my interests and skills."





We'll miss these girls so much! Can't wait to see where their talents take them next.