Happy, Sexy, Strong Women: Lanie List

Happy, Sexy, Strong Women: Lanie List

Ramy Brook was created as an solution to a need Ramy discovered in the women's fashion market. She worked for years, learning a lot, and is still learning about how to grow and maintain a thriving business. It's a formidable journey, so when we find other women who have succeeded in a similar fashion we celebrate them, and ask them to sit down with us to discuss their experiences.

For this installment of "Happy, Sexy, Strong" Women, we caught up with Lanie List, the creative force behind Lovely Bride.


Tell us about Lovely Bride and your work with the building up such an exciting company.

Lovely is the OG indie bridal shop that I opened in the West Village of Manhattan in 2010.  We saw a gaping hole in the market for something cool and youthful in bridal.  Everything was still dripping in crown moulding and red velvet at the time.  Plus we identified some amazing young talents who were doing bridal by hand, in America, and totally reimaging the modern bride.  It seemed too good to be true that no other retailer had taken a chance on the bride of the future.  We opened to rave reviews and have become a cult favorite in indie bridal around the country.  We have 12 stores today with a few new on the horizon in 2017!

I would be remiss without mentioning how we grew though.  I often get total credit, but my business is a franchise business, meaning I have ten other amazing women who own and operate their own Lovely shops, and I just advise them and provide the branding and marketing of Lovely.  I get to do what I do best, which is the creative and ‘big picture’ vision, and I also get to lead a team of entrepreneurs and support them.  It’s a dream scenario for me!

What advice would you give your younger self now that you’re on the other side of starting, and maintaining a successful company?

Respect your elders!  I have seen, and have been, the young cocky entry-level executive who wanted to prove herself right out of the gate.  But there is a huge value to someone being inquisitive, learning, and soaking up others' advice like a sponge.  Business maturity goes so far in your career and can often be grounds for promotions well before you have all of the technical parts of your job mastered.  Job skills can be taught, but your attitude is your own. And being a mature and respectful employee will one day make you an even better boss.

What are your favorite aspect(s) of the Lovely Bride shopping experience?

I love how visibly different we are from other bridal shops.  What excites me most is hearing comments from the brides like "I could live here" or "the store looks just like your Instagram."  I know we are delivering a consistent, aspirational world to our brides.  Of course they will find a killer, unique dress, but if we can also make a memory for them, we win.

What is your fail-proof "power outfit" or style?

I’m fortunate enough to set the dress code for Lovely, so stylish is required!   I feel most confident when I’m wearing something that shows off my strong shoulders and couple it with a funky, creative wedge sandal.

Since this is a series profiling women we believe who fit our brand motto of "Happy, Sexy, Strong," we wanted to do a quick rapid-fire word association with you.

Happy? Lazy days by the pool with my kids.

Sexy? Beach hair, top knots, and no makeup.

Strong? New moms.  They don’t know it yet, but they are heroes during the first six months.


Photos by Shelly Kroeger.