Drinks with Ramy: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Drinks with Ramy: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Ramy is famous for throwing a great party, and a key ingredient is having a yummy drink to share with friends. Luckily, a Cinco de Mayo celebration makes choosing the perfect party drink easy (hint: just add tequila). Here are a few tips and an easy recipe for making the best damn margarita just in time for this holiday.


Okay, think proportions for your margarita. Striking a balance is what makes this drink so refreshing.

1 1/2 oz. agave tequila
1 1/2 triple sec
1 1/4  oz. lime juice
Salt the rim of the glasses. Sea salt is preferred for that extra crunchy, palpable tart taste.

Shake all this goodness up in a cocktail shaker, add cracked ice to enhance the chill, then strain your mix in the previously salted glasses over rocks.







Feeling lazy? Unable to locate that cocktail shaker that, truth be told, you don't own? Then ditch a homemade drink and take your crew to the vibrant and open-air seating restaurant Tacombi à la our pictures. We recommend pairing this space with our Paris Sleeveless Dress in a Lemon Zest, Paradise Pink, or Tiger Lily, as those colors really compliment the space for a great Instagram pic.

Photos by Lauren Listor.