Happy Mother's Day from Ramy Brook

Happy Mother's Day from Ramy Brook

Ramy Brook has always been about celebrating women and all the different roles they take on throughout their lives. It's what makes them so "happy, sexy, and strong"! So, for Mother's Day, we decided to ask our favorite moms and daughters to join us in celebrating each other and the loving bond they share. Then, we let the daughters tell us what makes their mom so strong and inspirational.

Ramy and StevieStevieBlogWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress and Brooklyn Top.

My mom Ramy is strong because she is brave, energetic at all times, and always has a smile on her face. She is inclusive and cares about every person, no matter how close she is with them. She always tells me to be kind, caring, and compassionate. My mom is an incredible person, mother, wife and role model and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to spend every second with. She is not only my mom but my best friend. She always seems to do everything at once. One reason I look up to my mom is because she started her own business in her bedroom. From the start, she was committed and never got tired or bored of working. She always seems to do everything at once. Whether it’s meeting with teachers, going to a school event, meetings or parties...she does it all! My mom is also a very charitable person and would do anything to help people. If you say jump, she says how high? She makes everyone feel welcomed and happy. I love how strong she is. My mom is always there for me, she is my rock and I am so lucky that she is my mom.
Love, Stevie

Deborah, Alexandra and KatherineAlexandraKatherineAll women wearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress.

Our mom, Deborah, is strong because she is fun and confident. She takes us shopping at all the best places, and she does many things for us while we are at school. She doesn’t care what other people think of her as long as she is having a great time. She is always on top of things, and even though she has a busy schedule she always has time for us. She puts us first, and she always has the best fashion advice.
Love, Alexandra & Katherine

Jennifer and AlexandraAlexandra.BlogBoth wearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress.

My mom, Jennifer, is strong because she’s fearless. Having her to look up to makes me the luckiest daughter in the world. Her courage, humor, and lovingness are only a few of the things that encompass her strength. My mom’s ability to love my brothers and I in such unique ways is indescribable and unconditional. There is no one else I would rather have by my side each and every day.
Love, Alexandra

Roxanne, Dani, and AmandaDaniAmanda.BlogWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, Taylor Dress, and Lowri Dress.

Our mom, Roxanne, is strong because she manages to juggle our crazy schedules and her successful job. She is very active in FARE, Food Allergy Research and Education, because she is determined to help her kids as well as other with food allergies. She is loving, selfless, driven, and empowering. She is the best mom we could ask for.
Love, Amanda & Dani

Denise, Emily, and SofiaEmilySofia.BlogWearing the Taylor Dress, Shelby Dress, and Piper Top.

Our mom, Denise, is strong because she sets an example for us to always push the boundaries. She owns her own construction company, working in a male-dominated field. She won't let anything stop her. She encourages us in everything we do and is living proof that hard work pays off. We love her and are always proud to tell people that she is our mom!
Love, Emily & Sofia

Jamie and IlyanaIlyana.BlogWearing the Lowri Dress, and Taylor Dress.

My mom, Jamie, is strong because she is independent, loyal, and courageous. She is not only the most beautiful woman I know on the outside she is also just as beautiful on the inside. She is nice and welcoming to everyone she knows. I know I can always trust my mom with anything. Whenever I ask her for advice she always knows exactly what to say . My mom Jamie will forever and always be my best friend. I love her with all my heart.
Love, Ilsy xoxo

Sang and JaidaJaida.BlogWearing the Hunter Dress, and the Paris Sleeveless Dress.

My mom, Sang, is strong because she taught me to never give up on my dreams no matter how hard it is to get there! She taught me about perseverance and determination. She's beautiful, loving, and strong! She's my superwoman!
Love, Jaida

Jennifer and JuliaJuliaWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress and Hunter Dress.

My mom, Jennifer, is strong because she always puts family first. She's the smartest person I've ever met, and she never loses focus. She has made me into the strong, independent, and caring person I am today. I will forever be grateful for everything she has sacrificed for me and my family. I love you, Mommy.
Love, Julia

Beth, Lily, and DevinDevynLily.BlogWearing the Lauren Sleeveless Top, Brooklyn Top, Makayla Short, and  Paris Sleeveless Dress.

Our mom, Beth, is strong because she never gives up on her dreams, and sets an amazing example for both of us. She never lets us down, and consistently lets us know that whatever we want to pursue is possible. She is also strong because she is an amazing inspiration not only because of her business, but because she is able to do anything when she sets her mind to it. Thank you so much, Mom, for everything you do for us; we love you as high as the sky, and as deep as the ocean.
Love always, Lily & Devyn

Sara and LivvyLivvyWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, and Shelby Dress

My mom, Sara, is strong because she is passionate, confident, and tough. She never gives up, and is a fantastic role model for me. I love spending time with her because she teaches me not only where to find the best clothes, how to find the light in every situation and everyone. I am so inspired by the life she leads because she has the best friends, an exciting job, and obviously greatest family! Love you more than you know, Mom!
Love, Livvy

Nadia and LucyLucyWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, and Lowri Dress

My mom, Nadia, is strong because she never ever gives up and shines with her Australian "can do" attitude that I aspire to everyday! My mom has taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind and good energy into it! My mom has accomplished so much in her career, and is even going back to school to get her masters! She is the center of our family that spans four continents! She is an inspiration to all of our family.
Love, Lucy

Leesa and MackenzieMackenzie.BlogBoth wearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress.

My mom, Leesa, is strong because she never settles for less than she desires. She works harder and harder everyday to keep improving. She always tells me: "don't wish for it, work for it," and that's exactly what she does. She doesn't wish to be better, she pushes herself to be the best she can be. My mom's determination and motivation makes her a greater person each day. She taught me to work for greatness instead of wishing for it. I love you, Mom!
Love, Mackenzie

Mireya and SofiaSofia.BlogWearing the Paris Dress and Paris Sleeveless Dress.

My mom, Mireya, is strong because... that's what she is. She is also the most passionate, beautiful person I know. Her story of escaping Cuba when she was just a little girl clearly planted a seed in developing the strongest woman I now. She has taught me so much about what it means to be a strong woman, both through advice and through example. Honestly, I can't put into words why my mom is strong. I don't know why or how, because I've always only known her to be strong. She's taught me the value of resilience against the bothersome, and the strength within vulnerability and trust. If there's an ideal woman today, she would be it.
Love, Sofia

Dana, Georgia and TaliaGeorgiaTalia.BlogWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, Shelby Dress, and Paris Sleeveless Dress.

Our mom, Dana, is strong because she inspires us each day to live life to the fullest and work our hardest. Even when times are hard, her positivity and strength guides us. We know that no matter what, she will always be there for us. She is our role model, hero, best friend, and inspiration. Mom, we love you forever and always <3
Love, Georgia & Talia

Marcy and TessTess.BlogBoth wearing the Lowri Dress.

My mom, Marcy, is strong because… of how passionate she is in everything she does. She brings so much joy into every room she enters. With four kids, my mom has been so amazing in spending time with each of us. She knows everything going on in our lives, and she is the best listener. One of the reasons I love my mom is because she is so caring, thoughtful, and absolutely beautiful. She will laugh with you when you want to laugh, and sit with you when you want to talk. She cares so much about everyone she meets and makes them feel loved and worthy. I love my mom.
Love, Tess

Alison and CaseyCasey.BlogWearing the Brooklyn Top, and Lauren Sleeveless Top.

My mom, Alison, is strong because she does so much for me and my brothers. She puts us first and never lets me down. I love everything about her because she is the most confident, beautiful, loving woman I know. I aspire to be as strong as she is.
Love, Casey

Robi and JaimieJaimieWearing the Lowri Dress, and Paris Sleeveless Dress.

My mom, Robi, is strong because she is always there for me and my family even in the hardest of times. She’s hard working and persistent. She makes time to do her job, help her friends, and be there whenever I need her. She supports me through everything, and always knows how to put a smile on my face. She’s not only my role model, but also my best friend. I know I can always count on her, and I am proud to say she’s my mom.
Love, Jaimie

Dina, Sammy, and AlexaSammyAlexa.BlogWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, Lowri Dress, and Paris Sleeveless Dress.

Our mom, Dina, is strong because she inspires everyone in so many ways, and is always up for anything. She won’t let anything put her down, and she is always there for everyone when they need it. She’s the most confident woman, and we always have so much fun doing everything together. Whether it is out shopping, or watching TV in bed-- we always have a blast. Our mom’s strength and confidence inspires us every day, and we are so lucky to have someone like her in our lives.
Love, Sammy & Alexa

Lori, Sydney, Harley, and Peytonsydneyharleypeyton.blogWearing the Paris Sleeveless Dress, Piper Top, Austin Short, Paris Sleeveless Dress, and Taylor Dress.

Our mom, Lori, is strong because she continues to show her love and support in everything we do. She is hard working, and always puts others before herself. She can get by on very little sleep to stay up to make sure we are feeling better. Our mom is always stays positive by making us laugh and showing lots of love towards us. She is the strongest woman we know.
Love, Sydney, Harley & Peyton

Helene and Ramyramy.blogWearing the Wendy Top, and Adele Short.

My mom, Helene, is strong because she always put her family first. Raising three daughters was her first priority. We always felt safe, loved and special. She worked to make sure we could go to college, and be the women we are today. She gave us the confidence it takes to be happy and strong. She is the role model every daughter wants. My hope is to raise my daughter with the same values so when she enters the world as a young adult she has the strength to pursue her dreams.

Happy Mother's Day from Ramy Brook!