Behind the Lens: Michael Jurick

Behind the Lens: Michael Jurick

An integral part of Ramy's identity is her family. They are always at the forefront of her mind, and a source of joy and motivation for her life's work. So, when it comes to capturing paramount family moments and achievements it seems only logical she would employ, not just a professional, but a friend of the family.

Michael Jurick is just that person. He's an esteemed photographer, but more importantly, someone who has been photographing the family and their most important moments for years -- which means he knows how to take a picture that really captures the energy and love of this remarkable family.


"Some of my favorite moments as a photographer have been documenting Ramy's family through the years. Ramy loves to decorate her home with family photographs more than anyone I know (even myself, LOL!) She is a great collaborator and together we have set up locations and scenes for her family that have resulted in some incredible moments and truly heirloom-worthy photographs."



"Ramy's energy is contagious and is always the life of the party. Capturing her with her friends and family are the shining light of every collection."







"I'm proud to be her family photographer creating a time machine for all the colorful milestones of her life."

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