Watch our Newest Video: The Story Behind the Brand


Recently, our marketing and press team had been working diligently on a project which we are now thrilled to be able to share!

It's the creation of a four minute brand video, but what makes it particularly fabulous is that it is included inside an invitation and plays as soon as the card is opened! This exciting video-card was sent to hundreds of buyers and editors inviting them to our Spring '17 preview (which, by the way, is our largest collection to date... and SUPER gorgeous!)

In the video, we hear from woman behind the brand herself, Ramy Brook Sharp. "Everything we make at Ramy Brook entails something for a very busy woman... Always on the go." She tells the story of the business from its origins in her bedroom closet, to trunk shows with her friends, all the way to today in department stores and global online retailers.

Ramy even gives insight into the brand's starburst logo, "My mother has this amazing pin, and a friend of hers is an artist and made it for her. It's gold, and it's intricate, and it's one of a kind. I love it. I wanted to do something that represented my childhood, my relationship with my mother, happiness: that's what the sunburst means to me."

Shots of Ramy's world on New York's Upper East Side, the brand headquarters in the Garment District, and our store in Soho are interwoven with Ramy's story. It's an engaging visual experience of the Ramy Brook brand: vibrant, fast-paced, sexy, and always fun.