Holiday Weekend How-To

Holiday Weekend How-To

Sunny days are here again!! Memorial Day is fast approaching, and oh my we are SO excited to pack our bags and celebrate this warm weather, and that 3 day weekend!

No matter your destination, travel tips are always helpful so we sat down with Ramy Brook Sharp herself to discuss how to weekend like a (stylish) pro.

What is your weekend travel essential? I have a travel pack that I leave at home for weekend and business getaways. It's filled with essentials. But I've learned to throw in extra make-up just in case i forget mine which seems to happen often. I can't live without my lip gloss so I make sure to have a bunch of those. I also like to bring my iPad on long weekends. I'm a Netflix binger.

What is one go-to wardrobe piece you recommend someone pack for a weekend getaway? For the summer season, I always want to look my best without a lot of fussy wardrobe changes. The Paris dress does double-duty for a beach cover-up and cocktail hour. Plus our Japanese Tech fabric makes it so easy to just toss in your bag and not worry about wrinkles.

Where is your ideal Memorial Day weekend spent? The Hamptons is where I like to be. It's the perfect place for family time, perfect for party time with friends, and great shopping!

How do you pass the time while traveling to your destination? Music, Book,etc.? Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Love catching up on all the entertainment news, and seeing what everyone's wearing to events.

What's your holiday weekend color palette? Bright, vibrant colors are so summer to me. Orange, yellow, pink, really get me in the sunshine mood. Plus I feel sexy and happy wearing these happy colors!

Paris Better Sizecollage