Beauty Corner: Spring Make-up

Beauty Corner: Spring Make-up

Spring is just around the corner (or at least that's what we're reminding ourselves here in chilly New York City) which means it's time to think about our own seasonal transitions. We've got our Spring wardrobe covered (get it while it's hot!), but what about our beauty routine?

Luckily we were able to call in the advice of an expert—make-up artist Jade Staton, who recently made-up beautiful Marcelina for our spring photoshoot. Read on for Jade's spring make-up tips and the one product she absolutely swears by.


What do you love about being a make-up artist?
There are so many great things, but I have to say the best part is the feeling I get when I make someone else feel beautiful. The fact that I can express myself artistically and transform someone's mood, be a part of their special day or event, help them enhance and discover their best features, or simply make them smile, is so rewarding!

Let's talk Spring. What's the best way to transition one's beauty routine to the new season?
The best way to transition your make-up routine from winter to spring is to think lighter in every sense of the word! Warmer, brighter weather inspires us to wear brighter clothes (and less of them!) so I truly think your spring face should have the same feel. Lighter weight products are key, for example: tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, bright, glossy lips, and a soft blush that makes you look like you're about to go on spring break!

Which products should we stock up on for spring?
My favorite product for spring is NARS Multiple because it can be used in numerous areas and is light but still makes an impact! I also love Strobe Cream by M.A.C because it gives you beautiful, pearly smooth skin. I also recommend skin oils—Josie Maran has a great Argan Oil for the face and I love good ol' baby oil for the body! You can even mix a highlighter in with your baby oil for extra shimmer when you're feeling fancy!

What’s one product that you think everyone should try?
One product everyone should try is M.A.C's Eye Kohl in Teddy. I use it way too much because it has to be the most universal and versatile pencil I've ever tried—I sometimes even call it my boyfriend! It can be used as eye liner, a base for a smoky eye, lip liner, or a brow color—on any skin tone, any time!

Who are your beauty icons/muses?
Ms. Diana Ross, of course! Also my friend Tyler Chantel, Josephine Baker, Gisele Bündchen, Sade, Cher, and RuPaul.

What music do you like to play when you're working?
My favorite music is tough to narrow down because I love so many different styles! I especially love listening to dance music when I'm working though. Give me disco any day! (I should have been born in a different decade.) Also Chris Brown never disappoints, the Disclosure station on Spotify is on point, and I've been loving Alina Baraz & Galimatias Radio on Pandora to get me in my personal beauty zone.

Where can people find you to do their make-up for them?
I currently live and work mostly in NYC and the surrounding areas—but I do travel quite a bit for freelance work! My portfolio and contact info can be found on my website or I can be emailed directly here.


Jade, our skin—and selfies!—thank you!